We pair executive housekeepers with clients in Sandy Springs & Alpharetta, GA and nationwide

With Us in Charge, You'll Return to an Immaculate Home Every Day

To say that maintaining a private estate is difficult is an understatement. You'll likely require several staff members to dust, vacuum and tidy your space on a daily basis. Fortunately, Land and Sea Chef Agency can meet all your needs. We provide executive housekeepers and other skilled professionals to help maintain private estates in Sandy Springs & Alpharetta, GA and beyond.

Our housekeepers will:

  • Work efficiently and discreetly
  • Clean the space to your specifications
  • Allow you to live the lifestyle you've always desired

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No need to oversee your staff

Our executive housekeepers alleviate the stress of housekeeping management by solving problems, supporting lower-level staff and ensuring that all tasks are completed correctly. To learn more about our housekeeping management solutions, reach out today.